Why I’m so weird

This blog should contain culinary content, but lately it has turned into a place to pour out my heart’s content. Hahaha, I’m sorry

Some people say, I’m a stiff and closed person. But at the same time humorous and romantic because I’m quite good at joking and also often send love songs to some close friends. Yes, I am indeed a person who is difficult to guess.

No wonder I am also hard to find a mate, because I have not met anyone who is really patient and interested in my uniqueness and weirdness.

I wanted to tell you a little about how strange I was, especially why I was so introverted, it was hard to express my true feelings to someone even though I was very close.

Actually I’m very afraid of getting criticism that I don’t want to hear. I really can’t accept criticism. When I’m open I want to be heard not to be blamed or justified.

I was traumatized to get bad criticism from my mother, at that time I tried to tell and be open to her about my school and college life. But mom never gives the comment that I want. So now I don’t want to tell my secret story to someone. I’m afraid I’m disappointed and sick of someone’s comments, even if it’s a close friend.

This is so crazy! I never thought that all my fears would stick to this age. Sometimes I ask, is this normal? I have not found the answer. But clearly people always comment that I’m antisocial and can’t be open with other people. I’m too quiet, people say.

But fortunately, now a lot of media makes it easy for me to share my feelings. I can write on blogs, sing on my soundclod account, make videos on YouTube, and share special photos on Instagram. It was enough to lift the burden on me without having to tell it directly. People can read without judging my story. Even now I don’t care about people’s comments and if they are bad I delete those comments. Whatever.

Thank you blog, it has become a place for my mind.

For real, in work matters I’m not this kind of person. I professionally accept criticism. Client is king. XOXO

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